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Here's how to get The Division's 150 free Phoenix Credits

You'll need to talk to an obscure vendor in order to retrieve them

Tom Clancy's The Division has been having a tough couple of weeks post launch thanks to a number of technical snags. To make it up to dedicated players, developers are forking over 150 Phoenix Credits, in-game currency used to purchase some of the very best loot. Here's how to get yours.

Inside the Base of Operations, below the central stairwell leading up to the Tech Wing, way in the back of the room is a portly gentlemen at a folding table. This is the Rewards Claim Vendor and, if you've not linked your Ubisoft account to the game yet you may have overlooked him.

Talk to him, tab over to Resources and scroll down. There's your stack of Phoenix Credits. It's not a bad gift, if we're being honest. All together it's equivalent to about three days worth of end-game mission grind.

After a successful launch, which reportedly broke multiple Ubisoft sales records, The Division has been plagued with matchmaking instability, game breaking bugs, glitches and hacks. Most recently a patch was issued to remove several exploits that allowed players to "double-revive" downed allies and "talent-stack" high-end weapons for preposterously high damage values. The Phoenix Credits are Ubisoft's way of making amends.

For more on The Division's latest update, which adds high-level raids called Incursions to the game, check out our video below.

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