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DriveClub VR rated by ESRB

Hop into cockpit view

DriveClub VR, the PlayStation VR version of the 2014 racing game from Evolution Studios, appears to be on the way to a public release, if a new listing at the Entertainment Software Rating Board is any indication.

The "E for Everyone" rating is for a product from Sony Interactive Entertainment, the publisher of DriveClub. The game is listed for PlayStation 4; it requires the PlayStation VR headset, which is scheduled to launch in October for $399. DriveClub VR's ESRB listing says that the "racing simulation game" allows players to "engage in traditional races, time trials, and drifting challenges."

That would be a lot more content than what we've seen out of DriveClub VR so far. When we played it earlier this month, only one track and a few cars were available to try, and a producer on the project at Sony Interactive Entertainment described the experience as a "tech demo." Plus, something about the demo made us feel very queasy.

It's also unclear who would be making DriveClub VR. Last month, Sony announced plans to close Evolution Studios, the game's original developer. The U.K.-based studio has since been acquired by Codemasters.

We've reached out to Sony for comment, and will update this article with any information we receive.

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