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Watch Penny Dreadful's season three premiere right now

Check out the full episode above

Much like how HBO made this past weekend a "free preview event" so those who don't subscribe could watch Game of Thrones, Showtime has a history of enticing non-subscribers with free premiere episodes.

Now, the network is offering the first episode of Penny Dreadful to anyone with a connection to the internet, free of charge on its YouTube page. Those with Showtime streaming packages or access to on-demand services can also watch the premiere there. The early access offer, however, is only available to those within the United States.

Starring Eva Green, Penny Dreadful's third season follows Vanessa (Green's character), after she's left feeling abandoned and isolated by her faith, according to the press release. To try and deal with her withering state, she seeks help from Dr. Seward, an American psychiatrist known for her use of unconventional treatment. As she's trying to get help and deal with her friends being scattered around the world, a new evil will present itself.

Penny Dreadful will go up against Sunday night's reigning champion, Game of Thrones, when it premieres May 1. It will be available on Showtime at 9 p.m ET.

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