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Borderlands movie finds writer for 'edgy, R-rated' script

Yep, it's still happening

A film adaptation of the Borderlands series is in development, and the project just picked up a screenwriter: Aaron Berg, whose biggest credit is the upcoming G.I. Joe 3.

Berg will pen a script that, according to The Hollywood Reporter, will be a Mad Max-esque take on Gearbox Software's franchise. THR's source also assure that the Borderlands film will be an "edgy, R-rated take" on the M-rated, gun-heavy games.

Leading production on the Lionsgate film is Avi Arad, whose previous gig was at Marvel Entertainment. As its chief creative officer, he worked on movies like X-Men and Iron Man.

Lionsgate Films announced the movie last August. While this will be its theatrical debut, the Borderlands series has been featured in short films in the past.

A third entry in the multi-million-selling Borderlands franchise is in the works. Right now, however, Gearbox is focused on Battleborn, its upcoming hero shooter. That game launches on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One May 3.

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