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BioWare's Goose Cam is today's most engrossing livestream

Do geese like BioWare games? Watch to find out

BioWare Edmonton is the favorite vacation spot for many Canada geese, the studio says — but this year, a pair of geese are doing more than just visiting the studio's grounds. Traveling Canucks Ganders and Arshonk aren't just tourists: They're the subjects of BioWare's Goose Cam, above, which is currently livestreaming their stay on the studio's rooftop hotel.

The Goose Cam by itself is already hard to look away from, as wife Ganders folds into herself for a nap, sleeps, and ... well, sleeps some more. But BioWare has thrown a playlist of some of the most grandiose tracks from series like Mass Effect and Dragon Age on top of the stream to make it all the more cinematic.

Since it began streaming three hours ago, the Goose Cam has attracted a few hundred viewers to watch the nesting Ganders. They're likely on the lookout for husband Arshonk, who has yet to appear since we tuned in. BioWare also teases answers to questions like "Do geese like Mass Effect?" and "From 1-10, how cute are baby geese?"

Donations toward the nonprofit Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton are being collected during the 24/7 stream.

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