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John Romero's new Doom level is a tease for his next project

"The kind of classic FPS gameplay I'm promising"

John Romero's working on a new first-person shooter — but he hasn't forgotten about his old-school classic, Doom, in the meantime. The game designer uploaded a new map for the 22-year-old PC game as a free download.

In a tweet with the link to the map, called E1M4b, Romero hinted that the gameplay exhibited in the Doom level is what fans can expect from Blackroom, his next game that's set for a 2018 release. Romero and Doom co-creator Adrian Carmack first revealed Blackroom earlier this week after teasing the announcement with a video.

Blackroom is heavily inspired by classic FPS games, Romero told Polygon. The game, in development at Night Work Games, will offer single-player and multiplayer modes, player-created maps and the ability to add mods. A Kickstarter campaign seeking $700,000 is currently accepting backers.

As for Doom, this is Romero's second time this year returning to the game that made him a name in the industry. In January, he released another free level for the original game — his first in 21 years. A new full game in the long-running series will launch May 13 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

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