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Oxenfree coming to PS4 with New Game+, alternate endings in May

Steam and Xbox One versions will get the additional content, too

Night School Studios is bringing a "director's cut" of its adventure-based thriller, Oxenfree, to PlayStation 4 on May 31, the developer announced today.

Oxenfree follows a group of teenagers who run into supernatural trouble on an overnight trip. The PlayStation 4 edition of the game will include new dialogue, locations and alternate endings with its New Game+ mode; the additional content will also be released for Steam and Xbox One on the same day.

New Game+ mode will serve as an expansion to the original story. In this mode, players will begin with "a creeping sense of deja vu" and new dialogue options that will ultimately lead to different paths.

"As fans have consistently asked for a PlayStation 4 version of Oxenfree, we set out to do something really special for the PS4 debut, unlike anything any other narrative game has tried," said cofounder Sean Krankel in a statement. "Fans have become so attached to Alex and her friends, so we created this New Game+ mode to let them impact and continue her story in a crazy way that both deepens the experience and makes it highly replayable."

The developer will also release a PS4 dynamic theme for the game, as well as a behind-the-scenes documentary on all platforms. Night School announced its plans for other platforms in January, just before the game's launch on PC and Xbox One. For more on Oxenfree, check out our review or watch us play below.

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