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Watch the first trailer for Oliver Stone's Edward Snowden biopic

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's accent is certainly something

Oliver Stone's movie about the former CIA employee who leaked classified information from the National Security Agency (NSA) in 2013 finally has a trailer.

Snowden, which stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the titular role, will follow the whistleblower's path from a Special Forces candidate in the U.S. Army Reserves to his time at the CIA and NSA before capping off with his escape to Russia. The film will also focus on Snowden's personal life, including his relationships — Shailene Woodley plays his girlfriend, Lindsay Mills — and time spent with his family.

Zachary Quinto will also star alongside Gordon-Levitt as journalist Glenn Greenwald, with Melissa Leo playing documentarian Laura Poitras. Nicolas Cage is also in the movie as some sort of government figure, but his exact role is still unknown.

Snowden is slated to hit theaters Sept. 16.

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