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Superhot brings guns and time-bending to Xbox One next week

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Make sure to keep moving until launch day

The team behind Superhot will release the unique first-person shooter on Xbox One next week, according to a press release. The indie game will be available May 3, the studio announced.

Superhot's currently available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. The game started life as a Kickstarter project, meeting its funding goal in 2015. It finally arrived in February, letting players take the aesthetically unique, time-stopping FPS for a spin.

At GDC 2016, designer Piotr Iwanicki talked about how developer Superhot Team set out "reinvent" the FPS genre. The developer won't stop there, however; it's also got a virtual reality version of Superhot in the works. Check out just how the game turns shooters on their heads in our video below and read our review for more.