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Super Mario Maker is getting a Babymetal cameo

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The J-pop-meets-metal group makes the jump to the Mushroom Kingdom

Japanese pop idol-metal group Babymetal will become a playable character in Super Mario Maker this week, Nintendo revealed today. The trio will appear as a group sprite and will be released April 28.

Babymetal will be another form of "Costume Mario," which is playable in Super Mario Maker levels that use the 8-bit Super Mario Bros. theme. More than 140 Costume Mario variants are available, including many based on other Nintendo properties like The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem. Some are based on non-Nintendo properties, like Sonic the Hedgehog. Other options include Chitoge Kirisaki from manga Nisekoi, the GLA SUV by Mercedes-Benz and Shinya Arino from Game Center CX.

Check out Babymetal in action in the video above. For more Super Mario Maker collaborations, check out Polygon's Devs Make Mario series on YouTube.