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Minecraft on Gear VR is Mojang's latest surprise release

Play Minecraft with your headset right now

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Minecraft: Gear VR Edition is now on sale, Mojang announced. The game had been teased for a 2016 release, but instead of giving Samsung Gear owners a heads-up, the publisher launched the game on the Oculus Store.

Releasing games with little fanfare is becoming a trend for Mojang. Last week, it announced Crown and Council, a free game on Steam — just as it made the game available to download.

The mobile VR game is on sale now for $6.99, although it also requires the separate gamepad peripheral. It offers every mode and feature from Minecraft: Pocket Edition, including multiplayer. With the Gear VR headset, however, players can switch between the default theater view — Mojang calls it the "more comfortable" option — or a first-person perspective that brings you even closer to your creations.

We went headsets-on with Minecraft during this year's GDC 2016. Chief technical officer at Oculus John Carmack called the game "the best VR experience that we had available. For anything." That includes the Oculus Rift, the company's stand-alone headset. Mojang has yet to confirm when Minecraft will be made available on that device.

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