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Check out Rick and Morty's pitch-perfect comic book take on The Last of Us

Take an exclusive peek before its summer debut

Rick and Morty (of the eponymous Adult Swim cartoon) and Ellie and Joel (from survival adventure game The Last of Us) don't have much in common: alcoholic scientist Rick can hardly stand his teenage grandson, while Joel and Ellie's strong bond is a key part of their story.

rick and morty comic

Yet the cover art of an upcoming Rick and Morty comic reveals that maybe they have more in common than meets the eye. At any rate, Morty makes for an excellent Ellie and Rick perfectly assumes the role of Joel in the variant cover seen above.

Starting in August, fans can pick up Rick and Morty #16 with the The Last of Us homage on the front at a variety of comic book conventions. PAX Prime, New York Comic Con, Gen Con and other events leading into the fall will be the only place to purchase copies featuring the exclusive cover artwork.

Behind the illustration is Mariel Cartwright, who served as lead animator on Skullgirls. Konami published that fighting game back in 2012. A PlayStation Vita release hit stores earlier this month.

Rick and Morty have parodied the video game world before: The Pokémon-like Pocket Mortys is available as a free download on iOS and Android. The characters' voices are also sold as an announcer pack in Dota 2.

In the cartoon itself, Rick once went on a rant about the limited edition The Legend of Zelda Nintendo 3DS system — one of his more rational tirades. You can watch that below.

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