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Fallout 4 update on Steam is live, takes Survival Mode out of beta

Consoles get it next week

Fallout 4's 1.5 update is now live on Steam, Bethesda Softworks announced, giving all players the chance to check out the overhauled Survival Mode. Fallout fans on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One won't have to wait too much longer for the update on consoles, the company added; it's expected to arrive next week.

As detailed a week ago, the biggest feature of the 1.5 update is the new version of Survival Mode, the game's highest difficulty setting. A beta launched on Steam last month, giving testers the chance to try out the added obstacles. These include limits on fast travel, saving and other challenges.

The update comes with several bug fixes too, as well as preps for the forthcoming Far Harbor expansion. That downloadable content will arrive on PC and consoles later this spring.

Earlier this week, Bethesda opened its mod creation tools in beta to Windows PC users. offers over a hundred mods already, all of which are free to download and try out in the Steam version of Fallout 4. Mod support will also be available on consoles, with Xbox One support coming first in May, followed by PS4 in June, according to the company.

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