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Rogue One star Mads Mikkelsen reveals his Star Wars role

No, he's not a cannibal this time...probably

Mads Mikkelsen's role in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has been kept vague, but the actor had trouble keeping his lips sealed during a recent TV interview. In the video above, Mikkelsen gives a very obvious hint as to who he'll be playing in the first Star Wars anthology adventure.

If you're trying to keep yourself in the dark ahead of Rogue One's Dec. 16 premiere, be advised. Spoiler-averse Star Wars fans shouldn't click play, nor should they read below this point.

During a spot on SkyNews, Mikkelsen was asked how he got involved with the project. Although he claimed he couldn't reveal too much, his explanation made it clear who his character will be.

"I read the script, and it was very beautiful," he said, "and there's this lovely, young, strong woman, and I play her... father."

It might not be an explicit confirmation, but it's pretty clear that the young woman is hero Jyn Erso (played by Felicity Jones), and that Mikkelsen plays her father. The first trailer for Rogue One arrived earlier this month, prominently featuring Jyn — but not Mikkelsen's character.

More will be revealed before the film's Dec. 16 debut. Gareth Edwards is directing a cast that also includes Diego Luna, Forest Whitaker and Alan Tudyk. Check out our breakdown of the first trailer to learn all there is to know about Rogue One so far.

Why does no one remember the Jedi?

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