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Mass Effect-themed park ride opens in May

Ah yes, "space"

Mass Effect: New Earth 4D — a theme park attraction based on BioWare's space epic — is opening at California's Great America in Santa Clara on May 18, the park announced today on Twitter.

Electronic Arts announced the attraction last year as a motion-based ride in which participants wear 3D glasses, featuring a live performer and more to "create a truly compelling and immersive attraction. Guests will travel through space to a distant planet, face off against bigger than life adversaries and ultimately help save the day." Included with the ride's opening date is a photo teasing spaceship adventures.

Originally slated for holiday 2016, the next entry in the Mass Effect series, Andromeda, has been pushed back to an early 2017 launch. Although BioWare has teased Andromeda with the trilogy's former hero (notably voiced by the "FemShep" version, Jennifer Hale) and a few familiar elements, the game will follow a new protagonist.

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