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New mod from Long War developer released for XCOM 2

Veteran team brings tweaks to turn-based alien combat hit

Long War Studios, best known for creating the Long War mod for XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within, has created a new mod for XCOM 2. This is in addition to the three mods the studio made available for the game at launch.

Called Toolbox, the new mod is available on Steam Workshop for free today. It allows players to configure camera rotation within missions, create random stats for new soldiers, edit damage values, tweak the game UI and turn on a modifier where injuries can affect a soldier's stats.

The original Long War mod for XCOM: Enemy Unknown made the game more challenging as well as adding units, weapons and customization options. It was popular among players of the turn-based PC game, in which humans seek to defend their planet from alien invasion.

For the February launch of XCOM 2, the team also introduced mods that added weapons, an extra alien enemy and a new upgrade path.

Long War Studios is working with XCOM developer Firaxis on its series of mods, which will continue with the addition of four more mods in the next few months. These include a soldier class construction kit, a new weapon tier and an "Alien Pack" that will add 10 new enemies.

Xcom 2 in action