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The Division's cheating, exploit problems could be coming to an end

Ubisoft's got new systems in place to make cheaters pay

Much has been made of Tom Clancy's The Division's problems with glitches. Ubisoft today laid out steps it will take to stop these issues. In a blog post, the team behind the multiplayer shooter explains new methods implemented to weed out cheaters and others who exploit the game's bugs to their advantage.

"We have implemented new cheat detection methods that have allowed us to identify many more players currently using cheat engines in the game," wrote Massive Entertainment, developer of The Division. This has led the developer to catching more cheaters this week alone than during previous weeks altogether, the team wrote.

Once cheaters are caught, they'll be punished more severely, as previously stated by Ubisoft. First offenders will now be suspended for two weeks — previously, Ubisoft barred them from play for three days — with second offenses leading to a permanent ban.

The post also touched on bugs, as The Division developer explained the difficulty in finding and fixing all issues experienced by players.

"In the event that a bug makes it into the game, and this bug can be used by players to gain an advantage, we need to be able to react and fix it, but also dissuade players from exploiting this bug until it is fixed," the developer wrote. "This is why moving forward we will adopt a stronger stance against players abusing exploits."

That includes acknowledging and responding to known exploits more quickly, the developer said. It will use a public forum to keep track of all confirmed exploits in The Division, which will be shared across Ubisoft's various media channels.

Repeated abusers of these known bugs will be sanctioned, with the "severity of the abuse, as well as the history of the player" taken into account, according to the post.

The Division's various bugs have been documented by players, including ones that have deleted characters and allowed for infinite revives. Many of the latest exploits are associated with the first major update, which added the "Falcon Lost" event to the game. Check out our gameplay overview below for more on the free expansion.

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