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This Splatoon live concert is equal parts weird and wonderful

Vocaloids really are the future

Splatoon is many things: Nintendo Wii U's coolest nautical-themed shooter, one of Polygon's favorite games of 2015 and the home to an amazing soundtrack. The music of Splatoon was the focus of a recent concert starring the Squid Sisters, the game's most talkative characters.

Japanese fans were treated to the live show, while others were forced to watch a livestream on Japanese video platform Niconico. An archive of the Squid Sisters Live concert is now up on YouTube, and you can watch it above to hear some choice Splatoon cuts performed on stage. There are even some new songs in the mix, so keep your ears open for those.

You'll probably catch on immediately that the Squid Sisters are Vocaloids. Like Hatsune Miku, the most famous digital pop star, they're virtual projections. But if Hatsune Miku can sell out real stadiums and play to actual human beings, why can't the Squid Sisters? Twice, even? (The girls first performed in concert back in January.)

Still: The future sure is weird.