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First photos of Doctor Strange's villain offer more questions than answers

Who is Mads Mikkelsen supposed to be?

Set photos taken during the filming of Doctor Strange in New York City this weekend offer Marvel fans a peek at the upcoming film's villain. Yet the first look at this anonymous character, played by Hannibal's Mad Mikkelsen, doesn't clear things up as to who the character is.

When Marvel announced that Mikkelsen had been cast in the film last December, the studio offered few details about the character. He'll be playing a sorceror who's out to get Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton), but whether he's a new or classic comic book villain is unknown.

Some fans have theorized, based on the new photos, that Mikkelsen is playing Doctor Strange's nemesis Nightmare, self-proclaimed "master of the subconscious;" others see him as the mystical Kaluu. There's still plenty of time to unearth the truth — the film, which wrapped production yesterday, hits theaters Nov. 4.

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