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The Division's 'high-end backpack' glitch getting fixed with next update

No more infinite loading screens and lockouts!

Ubisoft will deploy a patch for a major glitch in Tom Clancy's The Division as part of the game's upcoming update, according to the company's support forum. Update 1.1, launching across PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One on April 12, will fix an issue that left a number of players locked out of their accounts.

Players have taken to The Division's subreddit over the past few weeks to complain of account lockouts and infinite loading screens. The problem was eventually attributed to a bug that stems from crafting high-end backpacks and other gear. After crafting and equipping these items — particularly the backpack — players found them disappearing from their inventories. This bug often causes games to freeze up, ultimately forcing players out of their accounts for days at a time.

Following reddit threads logging their complaints, players reported their issues connecting to their accounts in The Division to the Ubisoft support team. Prior to announcing the fix, a community manager advised players to stop attaching mods to their items as a temporary solution.

The April 12 update will bring the patch as well as the game's first expansion. The free downloadable content will offer the first of the game's Incursion events as well as the ability to trade loot.

For more, watch our gameplay overview below to see The Division in action.

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