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Fallout 4's second add-on changes up settlement life next week

Prepare to enter the Wasteland Workshop

The next expansion for Fallout 4, "Wasteland Workshop," launches on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One April 12. Bethesda Game Studios debuted the add-on's first trailer, viewable above, alongside the release date announcement.

As previously detailed, "Wasteland Workshop" will cost $4.99; it's also part of the larger Season Pass, which is now available for $49.99. The second of three planned content additions to Fallout 4, the pack will allow players to design and craft new items for settlements. These include cages to catch creatures like Deathclaws, which can then be tamed for use in battle, according to a post on Bethesda's website.

A third downloadable content pack, Far Harbor, will launch later this year. For now, check out the first DLC set, Automatron, in our overview below.

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