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All your Steam games can be played in VR in the Vive, starting today

Theater Mode is a basic, but very promising, feature of the HTC Vive

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The HTC Vive may be tricky to set up, requiring many steps and a whole bunch of hardware, but Valve has the rather sizable advantage of owning the dominant PC gaming digital distribution platform. It's very likely that the majority of the PC games you've purchased in the past year have been through Steam.

And there is a neat option built into Steam that allows you to play every single one of your existing games using the virtual reality headset. If you go to your library and select a non-VR game, you are told to "launch in Theater" rather than to play it in VR. Once the game launches, you can play on a large, impressive floating screen in the middle of a rather plain space.

It's a neat feature, and removes the need for a computer monitor entirely. Match this with a wireless console-style controller or even the Steam Controller and you can sit in your favorite recliner in the space covered by your lighthouse base stations and play any game in your collection on a huge, virtual screen.

And this is just the beginning, Valve has already shown off a version of the mode that gives you game-specific information, such as the ability to spectate in Dota 2 with a live map of the action and animated versions of all the heroes, giving the viewer information about the map as it happens.

While the Theater Mode feature is a bit basic at launch, it's a nice additional bit of value from the Steam VR software, even if it's not quite as full-featured as the $14.99 Virtual Desktop software that we've covered in the past that's also compatible with the HTC Vive.