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League of Legends reveals sweeping changes to one of its oldest champions

The revised Taric appears to have one of the stronger support kits in the game

Riot Games
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Taric is a champion who has been around in League of Legends almost since the inception of the game, and he's been pretty useless in the conventional meta for almost as long. A fairly simple champion who mostly saw action in the support role, his play rate has been in the single digits for many patches.

That looks like it's about to change, as the reworked Taric comes equipped with what appears to be a very strong kit.

The biggest change is his new "W" ability, Bastion. Taric can now link with an ally, much like Kalista, giving a shield on cast. Unlike Kalista, Taric can change who he is linked to during a game, and all of Taric's abilities are simultaneously cast by both Taric and the ally he is linked to.

His "Q" (Starlight Touch) is a healing ability that gains power based on how many charges Taric has stored (up to three). His "E" (Dazzle) is a stun, but unlike the former point-and-click Taric stun, this one is a skillshot that fires after a delay. To make up for the increased difficulty in pulling it off, it will stun all enemies in a line. Finally, his ultimate ability (Cosmic Radiance) makes him and all nearby allies invulnerable for a short period of time.

And remember, any ability he casts is also cast by his linked ally. So that's double the heals, double the stuns, and double the invulnerability.

Here's a quick breakdown of his abilities, from Riot:

There's also a comic and bio with his new backstory, if you're interested. The reworked Taric will head to the Public Beta Environment soon, and will be live on the Rift soon after that.

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