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Zack Snyder, Henry Cavill have plans for a second Superman film

It all depends on Batman v Superman

Even with the lackluster performance Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has had at the box office in the weeks following its immediate release, director Zack Snyder isn't fleeing from the new DC cinematic universe.

Snyder, who's on board to direct the upcoming Justice League film, told IGN in a recent interview that he still had plans to helm another standalone Superman movie. The first one, which starred Henry Cavill, was released in 2014 and was met with lukewarm reception from critics.

Still, Snyder said that as long as he gets a "good script" then there was a great value to doing another Superman movie, with Cavill back in the suit to reprise his role.

"I think that would be fun to do," Snyder told IGN. "Part of the reason we haven't announced the standalone Superman movie was to support some of the events of Batman v Superman."

Cavill, on the other hand, told the website that while he was definitely interested in the project, he believed it would only happen if Batman v Superman was a success.

"If this goes well, then we can start to negotiate with Warner Bros. to develop a standalone Superman, but they've got their plan set out for other stuff and Justice Leagues and various other movies," Cavill said.

While both seem hopeful, their comments come amidst conflicting reports that Warner Bros. was looking to slow down its release schedule because of Batman v SupermanAccording to a Hollywood Reporter story, top executives at the studio were shocked by the dismal reviews the film got and were looking into ways they could rectify the situation going forward while still keeping the cinematic universe alive.

For now, there's no concrete plans for a standalone Superman movie. The next installment in the DC universe, Wonder Woman, will be released June 23, 2017.

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