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Dates announced for The 2016 International Dota 2 Championships

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If you want to go to 2016 International Dota 2 Championships this year, you'd better get that clicking finger ready, as tickets to the event go on sale tomorrow, April 7.

In response to fan difficulties in purchasing tickets for last year's International, developer Valve has introduced a number of changes to the ticket-buying process to make the process easier for everyone — though the process is much more involved.

Tickets will go on sale via Ticketmaster in two waves. The first batch will become available Thursday at 10 a.m. PT (you can find a handy list of corresponding international times based on your location at Valve's info page for the event), and the second wave goes on sale 12 hours later at 10 PM PT. This is similar to last year, with times more equitably split to allow fans outside of North America the opportunity to purchase tickets to the event.

The bigger change is a split in the event's tickets themselves. Passes are now being sold for two "events" — The "Midweek Ticket" and the "Finals Ticket." Midweek tickets allow access to the opening ceremony at Key Arena as well as the first four days of the event, from Aug.8-11, as well as the All-Star match. The Finals ticket provides admission to Key Arena for the final two days of The International, on Aug. 12-13.

Midweek tickets will sell for $75 USD, and Finals tickets will sell for $100 each. They're available separately, but also sell in packages for attendees hoping to catch the entire event. Fans without the Finals ticket can spectate the last two days of the event at an outdoor event space hosted by Valve.

In their blog post explaining available, Valve also revealed that it would be providing cosmetic giveaways to attendees when each match's "First Blood" — that is, the first kill of every game — occurs. Winners will be selected at random from viewers inside the arena at the time of first blood who have their Steam IDs attached to their event badges.

The 2016 International Dota 2 Championship will take place from Aug. 8-13 at Key Arena in Seattle, Washington.

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