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Marvel superhero duo Cloak and Dagger are headed to TV

See, because he's got a cloak and she has an impractical costume

Teenage superheroes Cloak and Dagger will make their television debut on the ABC-owned Freeform network, reports Variety.

Created in 1983 by writer Bill Mantlo and artist Ed Hannigan, Cloak and Dagger have never been the hittingest of the Marvel Universe's hit characters, but Freeform is interested in the characters as the leads in a "live-action interracial romance" following their burgeoning relationship while they deal with the consequences of their newly developed superpowers.

Classically, Cloak and Dagger have somewhat symbiotic powers: Tyrone "Ty" Johnson's body has become a conduit to a hungry pocket universe that can only be sated with human lives — or with Tangy Bowen's projectile, light-based abilities or "light daggers," which can "overcharge" her if she doesn't use them. The two met as homeless runaway teens and, though they were from very different backgrounds, quickly formed a friendship. However, soon after meeting they were taken in by a —

*glances at Wikipedia again*

— criminal chemist who was testing a synthetic form of heroin on homeless teens. All of his other test subjects died, but Ty and Tandy instead developed superpowers. They would use their newfound powers to dedicate themselves to eradicating drug crime and helping homeless children in New York City, and have since bounced around the Marvel Universe, splitting up, getting back together, joining teams and guest-starring in other comics — but their longest-running solo series still only lasted about two years.

Their spontaneous development of powers instead of dying from a grungy drug cocktail would later be explained by revealing that they were actually mutant teens whose X-Gene had been activated by their trauma, but since 20th Century Fox still owns the rights to film and television depictions of the X-Men and mutants, we probably won't see that part of their story used on Freeform. Indeed, if connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe at all, Cloak and Dagger are just as likely to be established as Inhumans, the Marvel Universe's other persecuted super-minority with spontaneously developing superpowers that's making itself known in Agents of SHIELD now, and eventually on the big screen with Inhumans.

Additionally, since Freeform's demographic skews younger than ABC — you might be more familiar with the network under its old name "ABC Family" — we can probably expect a version of Dagger's costume a bit less like most of its comic book incarnations and more like its depiction on, say Ultimate Spider-Man.

Cloak and Dagger Ultimate Spider-Man

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