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Here's how The Division's next update is changing crafting and loot drops

Some big tweaks to endgame

Massive Entertainment went in-depth about changes coming to Tom Clancy's The Division in its first big update, which launches April 12. While publisher Ubisoft issued patch notes for Update 1.1 earlier this week, a blog post clarifies how it will tweak the game's crafting system and item drops.

One of the most notable changes is that killing any named non-playable character over level 30 guarantees players to a high-end item drop. Enemies in the Dark Zone at level 32 will also have a 40 percent chance of dropping Division Tech, making it easier to grab more coveted loot in The Division.

This is an important change, the developer writes, both to the endgame and in the effort to appease fans who took issue with an upcoming recalculation of crafting prices. The patch notes revealed that the cost of crafting high-end gear from converted materials will be increased.

With the increased drop rates and conversion prices, the hope is that crafting will remain uncomplicated, Massive said — and that players will be compelled to use their lower quality materials earlier on, instead of holding onto them to convert into high-end pieces.

Players of The Division lashed out at the proposed price change for crafting; thus far, it seems as though they appreciate Massive's clarification of how it plans to keep players questing for optimized gear, which it considers "one of the main aspects and incentives to keep playing the game" once the story is over.

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