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Let's punch the hell out of music in virtual reality with Audioshield

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Everyone's got their favorite way of consuming their favorite music, be it a live concert, a collected library of vinyl or an old, old cassette tape they've found lying in the street. Audioshield, the HTC Vive virtual reality follow-up to the Audiosurf rhythm game series, introduces a new idea into that age-old practice: What if you could kick your music's ass? What if the beats and notes of your music were represented by little bubbles, and then you could punch those bubbles for points? Thanks to Audioshield, these are no longer hypothetical questions.

You can watch us play through a couple of tracks above. For those having trouble following the action, Audioshield lets you pick tracks from the community or on a local hard drive, then turns those tracks into a salvo of orange and blue bubbles, which you have to block with your right and left shields, respectively. Each track has a scoreboard and an email-based notification system to inform you when someone surpasses you on, say, your favorite mash-up of a Daft Punk song and Undertale boss theme. For example.

Audioshield is out on Steam now for $17.99.

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