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Alan Wake DLC episodes are free on Xbox

Replay the complete game on Xbox One

The expansion packs for Remedy Entertainment's Alan Wake are now available for free on the Xbox Marketplace. Newcomers to the mystery adventure game, which recently became backward compatible with Xbox One, can pick up both "The Writer" and "The Signal" at no charge.

When "The Signal" first launched in July 2010, it was available to owners of new copies of the game for free; for everyone else, it cost $20. "The Writer," which followed that October, cost $6.99 upon first release. Both are additional episodes building upon the story of Alan Wake.

Alan Wake is available to download on Xbox Marketplace for $19.99. Recent buyers of Remedy's latest game Quantum Break, which launched on Xbox One and Windows PC this week, already have the complete Alan Wake experience. Copies of Quantum Break on Xbox One come with download codes for Alan Wake as well as the expansions. Those who pre-ordered the game also received Alan Wake's American Nightmare.

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