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Netflix to raise standard subscription prices next month

Affected users will be notified

Netflix announced on Friday that subscribers will see a two dollar increase to their standard subscription plans, according to Variety.

Starting next month, subscribers will start to pay $9.99 a month for the standard option, which gives users concurrent streaming options and HD quality programming. For those that are only interested in using the service for one person at a time and don't care about the HD option, however, the company confirmed they can opt out of the upgrade and keep the $7.99 plan.

A statement from the company issued to Variety stated that members who are impacted by the change will receive an email, giving them enough time to let them choose whether they want to opt out of the upgrade.

The company previously announced at the beginning of the year that U.S. customers would see an increase in costs for subscriptions, but said that newer members who joined in October and were already paying $9.99 a month wouldn't see any increase until later this year.

Even with the increase in fees, the service, which boasts 74.76 million users worldwide, is still cheaper than its competitors. A subscription to Hulu costs $11.99, while HBO Now charges $14.99.

For those that want to be able to stream simultaneously with more than two people, there are more expensive subscriptions available. Netflix has not announced if additional charges will be coming to those packages, but Polygon has reached out for comment.