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Cutscene: Marvel's Black Panther is off to a promising start

Plus, the Jungle Book gets an in-depth review

This week on Cutscene, Polygon's entertainment writers sit down to talk about why The Jungle Book is a must-see movie and discuss the first issue of Black Panther.

Julia has some thoughts about what makes The Jungle Book the unique experience that it is — including the game changing use of CGI — and breaks down the film at length. Susana, Polygon's expert on everything comic book related, goes through the history of Black Panther as a series, why it's so vital to the Marvel universe and why she's excited Ta-Nehisi Coates is writing it.

Some of this week's highlights include:

  • Julia trying to pronounce the names of the animals in The Jungle Book
  • Susana's take on the modern comic book industry
  • Both writers trying their hardest not to swear ... and generally succeeding.

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