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Re-animated Smash Bros. Melee intro is a delightful video for a Sunday afternoon

More than 30 animators spent a year on this video

A team of 30 animators spent the better part of a year remaking the original Super Smash Bros. Melee opening, and here at last is their video. It's a virtuoso, shot-for-shot remake of the title sequence, all done with varying styles and motifs. It's wonderful.

Anyone with fond memories of this GameCube classic — goodness, the thing is 15 years old this December — will appreciate the stylish takes on such familiar scenes. For purposes of comparison, here is the original:

All of the animators are listed in a credit sequence at the end of the video at top. But they really deserve to be broken out by name, so here you go. The names are listed in the order of their appearance. Take a bow, folks.

  • Ryan Hobbs
  • Pat Paradis
  • Lisa Yin
  • Brian Blanchard
  • Scott Lewis
  • Adam Peerbaye
  • Ying-Ting Liu
  • Stephanie Chan
  • Carlo Nicoletta
  • Dan Cossette
  • Mark Garnes
  • Rebecca Foy
  • Steve Moore
  • Andrew Ferguson
  • Megan Ferguson
  • Brennan Payne
  • Alyssa Grant
  • Niko Pronko
  • Mathieu Hains
  • Phil Lanoix
  • Melissa Lyn
  • Ryan Wright
  • Melissa Courville
  • Heather Langlois
  • Chris Gage
  • Alanna Sas
  • Kaitlyn Shepley
  • Kim Luu
  • Sabine Ng Ching Hing
  • Mathieu Choquet
  • Adam Pockaj
  • Stevenson Padmore
  • Mike Collymore
  • Laura McKinley
  • Stephen Harding
  • Cassandra Lau

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