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Stellaris becomes Paradox Interactive's fastest seller ever, one day after launch

The company celebrates record-breaking release day

Spacefaring strategy game Stellaris launched on Steam yesterday, and publisher Paradox Interactive — best known for popular titles like the Hearts of Iron series and last year's Cities: Skylinesis already hailing its launch as the company's biggest ever. In a press release, Paradox described Stellaris as its fastest selling game ever, among other accolades.

In its first day of sale, Stellaris moved more than 200,000 units, Paradox said. That's more than any other Paradox title, including games like the Magicka series and the role-playing game Pillars of Eternity.

Another record Stellaris takes from Cities: Skylines is most concurrent players on release day. 68,000 players were actively trying out the procedurally generated space title yesterday. Cities: Skyline, which Paradox launched last year on Windows PC, Mac and Linux, went on to sell more than a million copies. Stellaris is on pace to bust that record, too.

We talked to the company about Stellaris last year; it's one of Paradox's biggest projects ever, according to the company that's best known for strategy games. Check out our preview below.

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