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Paragon's latest hero looks like a flying monkey controlling a massive robot

Paragon, Epic Game's take on the MOBA, has a new hero that appears to be a tiny flying monkey controlling a massive ranged combat robot.

Grim.exe is an exceedingly interesting character to watch in action, thanks to its bold design. Playing the character requires quite a bit of active planning to make sure you don't get caught out and taken down.

Grim is actually the name of the tiny imp that you see hovering behind the sentry combat robot. The robot's main attack is a pulse cannon that does energy damage. He also has a deflector shield, a displacement blast that can knock back enemies and the ability to switch to suppression mode, which adds a slow effect to any pulse cannon damage he does. His ultimate is a doozie: a Gyro Targeted Force Orb (yes, GTFO) that, once locked on, will track an enemy and do a massive amount of damage. He also has a passive ability that delivers bonus damage and wears down armor with a pulse cannon shot every eight seconds.

I enjoyed playing as Grim.exe, but he didn't really fit my front-of-line style, so I'll likely be switching back to my current favorite: Iggy & Scorch. Make sure to check out the video of the imp and robot below.

Paragon is a free-to-play game that is currently in Early Access for Founder's Pack owners. Once it releases, it will remain free-to-play. You can pick up the game over on the site or through Epic Game's launcher, which also gives you access to their other titles, like in-development, free-to-play Unreal Tournament.

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