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Wild Guns Reloaded marks the series' first new game in 22 years

From the SNES to the PS4

Natsume will launch Wild Guns Reloaded on PlayStation 4, the company announced on Twitter. The console exclusive will be the first new Wild Guns game since Natsume published the original on SNES in 1994.

More details will be revealed during E3 2016, according to the tweet. Natsume confirmed in the meantime that the stars of the earlier game, Clint and Annie, will return. For now, they can feast their eyes on ... a logo.

The 22-year-old shooting gallery title Wild Guns garnered cult acclaim after release, in part due to its steampunk Western setting. The game later made it onto both Wii and Wii U Virtual Console in 2010 and 2014, respectively.

Natsume made plans to revisit another classic game last month: A new River City Ransom game, River City: Tokyo Rumble for Nintendo 3DS, is coming stateside later this year.

The company is also giving fans a nostalgia trip through its eBay store, where it regularly sells mint condition copies of older hits. These include the original Harvest Moon on SNES, which sold for over $3,000 in March.

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