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Chvrches debuts original song for Mirror's Edge Catalyst

This is definitely a Chvrches song, alright

Scottish indie pop group Chvrches released a new song today: "Warning Call," written for the upcoming Mirror's Edge Catalyst. The band wrote the song specifically for the game, which hits PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One June 9, a little later than planned.

You can listen to "Warning Call" above; fans will immediately recognize it as a Chvrches song, replete with plenty of synth, an anthemic chorus and other stylish pop effects. The band said in a press release that it identifies with Mirror's Edge Catalyst's "minimalist sci-fi dystopia" setting, and that influence comes through in the track.

Chvrches has been associated with gaming in the past. The band appeared at The Game Awards 2015 for a live performance, playing "Leave A Trace" off their latest record. They released their sophomore album, Every Open Eye, last September.

Feel free to play the song on repeat while checking out our half-hour preview of Mirror's Edge Catalyst's closed beta below.