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Report: Disney Infinity packs based on Rogue One, 12-inch figures were in the works

Disney exited game development earlier this week

Disney had level packs based on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Cars 3 and other upcoming movies for its Disney Infinity games in the works, according to a report on Kotaku. This was before Disney closed developer Avalanche Software and exited game development, which the company revealed earlier this week.

Also in the works, according to Kotaku, were 12-inch figures to be used for the toys-to-life game. Disney, Star Wars and Marvel characters were all set to come to Disney Infinity in 2017, sources told Kotaku.

New figures and levels based on future films fits with what Disney Interactive's vice president of production John Vignocchi told Polygon, months ahead of the cancelation.

"Disney Infinity will support all of the major events and theatrical releases at Walt Disney in 2016," he said in March.

Disney also said in March that the company had no plans to release a sequel this year, instead focusing on new playsets for Disney Infinity 3.0, which launched in 2015.

Despite expressing confidence in the franchise two months ago, the company announced that it had ended production on the toys-to-life Disney Infinity franchise on Wednesday.

"We thought we had a really good opportunity to launch our own product in that space; the console space, but also the toys to life space," Disney CEO Bob Iger said during an investors' call. The company instead took a $147 million loss after canceling the franchise and closing Avalanche Software.

Disney will remain in the game industry, shifting its focus toward licensing its series to other developers instead of producing games internally.

For more on the original intention behind the toys-to-life "gaming experiment," check out our original report on the then-unreleased game from 2012.

If any former Avalanche Software employees would like to talk about the last days of the studio, feel free to contact us at

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