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Sonic Boom streams exclusively on Hulu starting later this month

Now you can stop watching it on YouTube

Sega and Hulu have partnered to bring the Sonic Boom cartoon to the streaming service, the companies said in a press release. As part of an exclusive arrangement with Hulu, every episode of the cartoon comedy will be available to watch later this month.

The deal includes the entire first season of the Sonic Boom series, which debuted on Cartoon Network in 2014. The CGI-animated cartoon is full of catchphrases, slapstick and self-aware humor.

On TV, Sonic Boom has found success with the kids-under-14 demographic, Sega said; the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games, conversely, were critically panned.

Sonic Boom has also found an audience on YouTube. Episodes found on that platform are there unofficially, however, and Sega has asked fans to remove them — quite nicely, in fact.

Sega hailed the Hulu partnership as one of several ways the company is celebrating Sonic's 25th birthday. There are more plans in the works, including the blue hedgehog's inclusion in the World Video Game Hall of Fame. There's also a new Sonic Boom game, Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice, out this fall on 3DS.

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