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Hitman's first Elusive Target is available now — if you can find him

Take out "The Forger" or it's game over

Square Enix announced that Hitman players can track down the game's first Elusive Target today. The limited-time event brings a new enemy for contract killer Agent 47 to track down, hidden within the game from now until 12 p.m. ET on May 15.

Elusive Targets won't typically be revealed in advance, according to the publisher. Instead, players will have to track them down on their own. Once they do, they'll have just one shot to take the enemy out — and if the target gets to Agent 47 first, that's it. These missions are not replayable.

Since this is the very first Elusive Target, Square Enix has at least given Hitman players a bit of a heads up. The trailer above spotlights this week's custom character, Sergei Larin, or "The Forger." The trailer above has intel for assassins while detailing just how the new live mode works.

First announced in February, the Elusive Targets mode arrives just after last week's release of Hitman's second episode. Square Enix is releasing the game in a series of installments throughout the year, with the latest taking Agent 47 to Sapienza, Italy. Check out our updated review for more on the titular hitman's latest mission.

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