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Just how historically accurate is Battlefield 1?

Watch this video to find out — and learn more about the Great War

Battlefield 1 is taking fans of the first-person-shooter franchise nearly 100 years back in time to World War I. Millions have watched — and liked — the game's first trailer, which debuted one week ago. (See it for yourself below.) But is the first footage from the game historically accurate?

In the video above, the hosts of video series The Great War analyze Battlefield 1's trailer beat-by-beat, comparing its vision of World War I with the facts. As researchers who started the project to recount that period in detail, The Great War's narrators are trustworthy judges.

Whether you care if Battlefield 1 is faithful to the First World War, the nearly 15-minute video is a fascinating insight into a major moment. Using Electronic Arts' new FPS as a framing device, this lesson is certainly a lot more entertaining than your high school AP American History class, at least.

The game is out Oct. 21, and it's filled with historical touchstones like Zeppelins, the Red Baron and the Harlem Hellfighters, one of the Great War's most interesting militias.

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