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Atlus' Citizens of Earth removed from eShop as exploit is discovered

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Targeted because it was in a recent Humble Bundle sale

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Another game has been removed from the Nintendo eShop after a 3DS exploit was found to make use of it.

Atlus' Citizens of Earth was taken from Nintendo's digital store on Friday evening, Atlus USA said on its Facebook page. Though its post did not mention any exploit as the cause, this exploit surfaced yesterday shortly before the takedown.

There isn't anything unique in Citizens of Earth that the exploit targets; in fact, the hackers said the title was selected because it was included in the Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle, and so presumably there are numerous copies on users' devices (more than 150,000 bundles were sold). Furthermore, this is a secondary exploit, so a user must have an existing homebrew entry hack through another game or app to use it.

The exploits allow users to run modified or pirated software and apps on 3DS. This exploit is similar to the one that got VVVVVV pulled from the eShop on May 3. That exploit also still works and so VVVVVV is still gone from the eShop.