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See Warcraft's trailer done with World of Warcraft's visuals

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Now this looks a lot more familiar ...

The Warcraft movie looks intriguing and sounds faithful to the 22-year-old series' lore, but all of its trailers seem at least a bit alienated from the familiar because it's a live-action take on something with a very colorful, distinctive style. Here to bridge that gap is a shot-for-shot recreation of the trailer using Warcraft assets.

The trailer, by Ivan Kuzkin, doesn't feature any dialogue but it does match up the important sequences of the launch trailer, many with perfect fidelity (such as Lothar leaping aboard his flying mount). If you want a closer look, Kuzkin supplied this side-by-side comparison of key shots.

Warcraft premieres, at long last, on June 10. Perhaps not coincidentally, World of Warcraft's next expansion, Legionarrives this summer.