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Overwatch's third animated short focuses on Hanzo's past

An age-old rivalry is revealed

Blizzard has premiered the latest Overwatch CGI short, "Dragons," which you can watch above. The new episode in the animated series stars Hanzo, one of the shooter's playable heroes and co-head of the Shimada clan.

Like previous Overwatch shorts and comics, "Dragons" unfurls the character's complicated backstory. Hanzo returns to Hanamura, where he faces the troubled past he had left behind — including his rivalry with his brother, Genji.

Overwatch is out on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One on May 24. A short open beta wrapped last week, but customers who pre-ordered had a few extra days to test out the game.

Can't decide which platform to grab the team-based shooter on? Check out our comparison video below to see how it runs across all three systems.