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Fox says it's on board for another season of The X-Files

It's all a matter of scheduling

Following the success of its first season, Fox executives announced today that everyone was on board to give the new X-Files series a sophomore season.

During a conference call, Fox Television Group co-chair Gary Newman said that while everyone involved with the show was interested in returning for a second season, there were some logistical problems that would have to be fixed before they could start shooting. The difficulty, Newman said, is working with everyone's schedule. Newman didn't add if the new season would mirror this most recent six-episode mini-series or if there would be more episodes ordered. He said that Fox was hoping to be able to give more information, including a possible premiere date, by this time next year.

The news shouldn't be too surprising considering just how hard stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, along with show creator Chris Carter, pushed for a renewal. There were concerns going into the revival that the numbers wouldn't be enough to warrant another season order, according to Carter, but after the premiere drew in more than 50 million viewers worldwide, those fears were assuaged. Most importantly, The X-Files was the second most popular show for the people between 18 and 34, right behind AMC's The Walking Dead.

Just before the series launched in January, Carter said that he was already planning episodes for a second season, but it was up to Fox executives to make the final decision on whether or not The X-Files would be renewed. In February, Fox's president of entertainment, David Madden, said that the network would love to do more episodes and that initial reaction from audiences had been very encouraging.

While it looks like everyone is on board and steps are being taken to move it forward, don't expect to see another season of The X-Files to appear on your television for at least another year. The fall 2017 season would be the earliest the network could get the show up, but it's looking like winter 2018 is far more likely.

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