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Dragon Ball Z countdown clock set to end tomorrow, revealing ... something

Who knows what Bandai Namco is teasing? We sure don't

Bandai Namco and Toei Animation recently launched a Dragon Ball Z teaser site — although what they're teasing is anyone's guess. Right now, the page hosts a rotating set of images from the popular fantasy action franchise and a countdown clock set to go off tomorrow.

The timer will hit zero at 9 a.m. ET tomorrow, May 17. Are the companies teasing a new game? Perhaps it's related to a new film? Many of the so-called Dragon Ball moments — fans can share them to social media directly from the teaser site — are taken from movies released during the series' 30-plus years of popularity.

There is also artwork from games too, and Bandai Namco is known as the publisher of many titles based on the Dragon Ball franchise. (We spotted the cover of Dragon Ball Z Kinect in our picture rotation.) Most recently, the company announced Dragon Ball Fusions for Nintendo 3DS; the role-playing game is set for a Japanese release this year.

Fans stateside were last treated to Dragon Ball Xenoverse, which tells an original story and allows players to create their own characters.

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