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Watch how Super Mario 64 is teaching millions the nitty-gritty of game design

These videos are fascinating, even for the layman

YouTuber pannenkeok2012 uploaded a new video in his series of Super Mario 64 programming lessons yesterday. Watch above to learn how the random number generator (RNG) works in the classic Nintendo 64 game, making Bob-ombs blink and determining the speed of coin drops.

To those not well-versed in computer science or game design, the lesson may be informative — or inscrutable. But pannenkoek2012 has already racked up more than 43,000 views on the new video. The user's channel is full of similarly educational pieces, all of which are highly technical in nature. That doesn't stop them from attracting thousands of views, however.

In January, a video showing how to collect a star in Super Mario 64 without fully pressing the A button racked up over one million views. Unlike the RNG video, pannenkoek2012 narrates that fascinating look into the game's design secrets. You can watch that one below, if you aren't already familiar with the meme-generating hit.

The majority of pannenkoek2012's videos use Super Mario 64 as a teaching example. He's been studying the game and sharing his research for the past five years, and his channel has nearly 400 videos. Last August, he even offered $1,000 to whoever could recreate a particularly tricky Super Mario 64 glitch, aiding him in his academic analysis of the game. According to the video's description, that reward remains unclaimed.

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