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Salt and Sanctuary, the PS4's 2D Dark Souls, is now out on PC

Castlevania-meets-Dark-Souls meets your PC

Salt and Sanctuary, Ska Studios' fiercely difficult action-platformer, arrives on Steam today. In fact, you can buy it now — for a discount, to boot.

In honor of the game's launch, the developer is discounting the game by 10 percent this week. You can pick up Salt and Sanctuary on PC for $16.19 until next Tuesday, May 24. It will be $17.99 following that.

Released in March on PS4, Salt and Sanctuary is both Ska Studios' first game on PlayStation and its first game on Steam. The May release is ahead of schedule; Ska Studios previously teased a summertime launch for the game. (A Vita port is still in the works, the developer told Polygon.)

In our review, we praised the game for its level of exploration and challenge. Drawing from the punishing formula recently popularized by the Demon Souls franchise, Salt and Sanctuary manages to be "as clever as it is unforgiving," we said. Watch our Overview below to see what we mean.

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