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Rogue One story guide pages shed more light on the next Star Wars movie (update)

Two new spacefighters are added to the fleet

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Spoiler alert: While plot details are not given, anyone who wants a total blackout before seeing Rogue One in December should stop here.

Sample pages from an upcoming story guide for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story slipped out to the Internet earlier today, and they revealed names of the film's principal characters, described their roles within the film's story, and add details on spacecraft and other features in the movie. Update: The sample pages have been removed under a copyright claim by Disney/Lucasfilm.

The 10 pages revealed the following characters, some of whom are known, and others who were seen but not named in the trailer that was released in April. The book is tentatively due for a Jan. 24, 2017 release and $24.99 price.

  • Jyn — The main character shown in the April trailer, played by Felicity Jones.
  • Cassian Andor — Rebel Alliance officer and member of the rogue team tasked with stealing the Death Star plans
  • Baze — A "freelance assassin," presumably because there weren't any staff assassin jobs.
  • K-250 — The "enforcer droid" who joins up with the rogue team.
  • Bodhi — A Rebel soldier.
  • Pad — A "fierce warrior."
  • Bistan —” Another "fierce warrior."
  • Chirrut — A "spiritual warrior," in case you wanted a non-fierce option in your warriors.
  • Director Krennic —€” "Director of the Imperial military." This is the dude in the white cape seen in the trailer, so there go any thoughts of grand admirals.

Forrest Whittaker's character, shown in the trailer, isn't mentioned or named and nor is Mads Mikkelsen's character. Two of the characters, Pad and Bistan are nonhuman (along with K-250) and may be CGI animations, but their voices are unknown.

The bios are extremely thin and carry the same boilerplate paragraph, showing this is mostly placeholder copy. (The pages themselves note they're samples and not final.) Elsewhere, two new fighters, the TIE Striker and the U-Wing fighter, are introduced for the Empire and Alliance, respectively. And several appearances of Darth Vader pretty much confirm his presence in the film, which makes sense, it's set in the time just before Episode IV: A New Hope.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is directed by Gareth Edwards and premieres Dec. 16.

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