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New York Comic Con introduces new ticketing system to eliminate scalpers

Introducing Fan Verification, another step to the process

New York Comic Con will now require customers to fill out a "Fan Verification" profile prior to purchasing tickets, the organizers announced in a press release. It's an extra step that is meant to curtail ticket scalping, according to event producer ReedPOP, which puts on the annual convention.

"Our mission is to eliminate the amount of scalpers and resellers who end up with NYCC tickets and get those tickets directly into the hands of our fans," the company explained in an FAQ.

Beginning May 20 at 12 p.m. ET, the required Fan Verification process will open up online to all hopeful Comic Con attendees. (That includes those who plan to attend with tickets bought for them by friends.) Customers will fill out profiles about various programming details along with their names and emails.

The organizers maintain that this information is strictly meant to weed out potential resellers, not for passing along to outside marketers.

Verification runs from May 20 to June 13

"All information provided during the fan verification process will be strictly held confidential by ReedPOP and will not be shared with any third parties," Lance Fensterman, senior global vice president of ReedPOP told Polygon. However, tapping a badge at the convention itself with exhibitors or sponsors will sometimes result in you opting into their marketing; this is totally optional, however.

Those who use fake emails or create multiple profiles will not be verified; that's how Comic Con plans to keep the scalpers out. The organizers will send out confirmation of verification status to customers within 48 hours of them completing their profiles. The period will run until June 13 at 11:59 p.m. ET, with tickets going on sale sometime after that date.

Being verified doesn't guarantee that fans will be able to buy tickets, of course. Tickets will remain available on a first-come, first-served basis, but verified customers will receive a unique link that will go live as soon as tickets are available for purchase. Tickets can only be bought online, and the sale date has not yet been announced.

There also won't be VIP tickets sold this year, according to the FAQ. New York Comic Con runs from Oct. 6-9. Check out our coverage from last year for a sense of what one of the country's biggest comics conventions is like.