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Take another look at the beautiful world of Final Fantasy 15

Revisit the sights of Eos in this video

In March, Square Enix debuted tons of new footage from Final Fantasy 15. While the game trailersmovie announcements and anime episode quickly made it online after the live Uncovered: Final Fantasy 15 event, the developer waited until now to upload the video above. The "World of Wonder" footage was worth the wait: It offers three minutes of sightseeing across the game's many vistas.

Don't expect to see Noctis or his friends in the video; this one is solely about the places players get to explore in the upcoming PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game. These include kingdoms hidden in the mountains, canal-filled cities and dark sewers.

Final Fantasy fans have gotten a sense of Final Fantasy 15's world thanks to two separate demos and the debut installment of the prequel anime. They'll have to wait until Sept. 30 to explore it fully, though.

Also in the lead-up to both the release date and June's E3 2016, where Square Enix will give more information, is the official release of another video. While it may have leaked online ahead of its debut, Final Fantasy fans can check out artist Yoshitaka Amano's illustrations for the game in the clip below. Square Enix uploaded it to the game's YouTube channel last week.